Our Services

The work we do at Rouse Gold Tax is mainly, though not limited to, 2 bespoke areas. The first is all matters concerning any trouble with the tax man. By ‘trouble’ we mean enquiries, investigations, technical challenges, disclosures and any type of dispute with HMRC. The second area is tax planning for individuals, covering all direct taxes, such as income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and tax issues for domiciles/non domiciles and their UK wealth. Though not exhaustive, the following headings are matters in which we have considerable expertise:

Trouble with the Tax Man

  • Tax Disputes
  • Tax Investigations, including COP8 and COP9
  • Fraudulent activities (defence of challenge by HMRC)
  • Disclosures and Disclosure Facilities – LDF, JDF, World Wide Disclosure Facility
  • APNs and FNs
  • Tax Credit Claims
  • Tribunal preparation and attendance
  • Working with Tax Counsel for technical opinions
  • Residence and Non Residence
  • Tax Avoidance arrangements, defence and settlements
  • Negotiating penalties and Interest mitigation applications
  • Inheritance tax challenges and enquiries
  • Capital Gains Tax – including property, main residence and business incorporation relief
  • PAYE/Employment Tax, Benefits in Kind and National Insurance contributions matters
  • Share Incentive and Compliance matters – Readily convertible assets challenges
  • Providing second opinions for existing advisors
  • Trust disputes and challenges – Inheritance tax, 10 years and exit charges
  • Mediation service for family disputes with taxation issues, eg on divorce


Wealth and asset planning

  • Inheritance tax and assets
  • Capital Gains tax triggers for residents and non residents re property etc
  • All property planning and strategy, including corporate wrappers
  • Overseas matters with UK residents going abroad and foreign nationals coming to the UK
  • Using Double Tax Treaties and making claims
  • Domicile matters and the key indicators for planning
  • Protecting wealth through the generations and ring fencing assets within families
  • Using Trust and planning for families, UK or offshore?
  • Individual taxation and all direct taxes


NOTE: We do not charge for initial enquiries. Our charges begin when we have outlined the scope for any work we undertake and provide a fee quote.