Our Partners

In order to provide our clients with the best services, we will sometimes recommend the use of additional professionals to go beyond the scope of our tax expertise. Whilst there is no obligation to use the third parties that we may recommend, and clients are welcome to use their existing contact, we believe it is helpful to have links to our network a range of specialists with whom we are already working.

These may include:

Law firms – for Wills, Estate planning, Trust Deeds and Declarations, property matters such as lease and tenancy agreements;

Mortgage Advisors – For experienced brokers with an excellent network of lenders for both residential and corporate loans;

Independent Financial Advisors – For independent investment advice, pensions planning, products for IHT mitigation, portfolio management and investment advice, Equity Release;

Banks and specialist lenders – For those seeking funding in special circumstances, to pay tax bills etc.

NOTE: We also welcome referrals from our partners to assist with tax disputes and tax planning for their clients. We work together to deliver a wholesome approach to our clients in order to manage their time and costs.